EVENT: Skate Aid Highest Ollie Contest, 7th Jan 2017

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DATE: 7th January
TIME: 11:00–18:00
VENUE: Shangilia Skatepark , Nairobi, Kenya
HOSTED BY:  Kenya by Skate-aid.org

skate-aid International Annual Ollie Contest

skate-aid is the world’s largest skateboarding NGO that has over 20 projects on 4 continents. This year we’re simultaneously hosting this event at many of our skate-aid locations to crown the international Ollie King!

This event aims to unite skaters from all over the world and to raise awareness for our mission to help at-risk youths with a safe and constructive space that children require in their development ages.

The event is open to all skaters and we thank you in advance for the support! There will be too many prizes to list, lots of pieces of the pie up for grabs. Also there will be a raffle for the day which will have a bundle of surprises 😉

Drinks and food will be for sale, all proceeds go towards skate-aid projects. Please contact us via email to: d.gluche@skate-aid.org – If you would like to get your brand involved.

Stay tuned for updates, watch the events FB live stream if you can’t make it in person and make sure to follow facebook.com/skateparknairobi

How it works:
There are two divisions, 14yrs and under – 15yrs and over.

1. Everyone gets two attempts to make it the over the bar, if they fail both attempts then they are out.
2. The start should be very low, every next level should go up by 5cm for the 14under division and 10cm for the 15over division.
2.1 When there are five players left, the height must move up by 2.5cm for both divisions.
The last three players must progress by 1cm each level.
3. When there are three players left, whoever succeeds the most out of three attempts wins (like soccer penalty shoot-out).
3.1 If the three finalists fail the three attempts then the bar must go down to the previous level (height) and begin the final challenge again.
4. The same for the final two players but they get five attempts.
5. The winner must carry on going higher to set the record.

Rules of the facility:
– Skate at own risk.
– Enter at own risk.
– Shangilia and/ or skate-aid is not liable for any loss, damaged or injury on the facilities
– This is an all ages event so any activities not lawful for all ages
will not be tolerated, as per normal skate-aid Shangilia rules.
– Safety gear is highly encouraged
– Skate in the dedicated zones only please
– Have fun
– Right of Admission Reserved
– Pictures & Videos ONLY with permission

We can’t wait to see y’all at our skate park and to find out who can truly defy gravity!

Thanks for skating!

Team skate-aid


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