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For Sale : Toyota Regius - 2000 

 2000 - 2700cc - Automatic - Petrol

Price: KES 800,000

For Sale : Toyota Corolla NZE 121

 Toyota Saloon 2002- Automatic

Price: KES 600,000

For Sale : Toyota Hiace-Van

 2007 -Automatic-Petrol-2000cc

Price: KES 1,350,000, Negotiable

For Sale : Toyota Mark II GX 110 Grande Regalia


Price: KES 750,000.00

For Sale : Plot in Kwale ,Tiwi

 1,000 Acres-Kwale ,Tiwi- Price 1.5 M/Acre

Price: KES 1.5 Million/Acre

For Sale : Plot In Malindi

 9.5 Acres-Mayungu Beach Malindi-100M

Price: KES 100 Million

For Sale : Plot In Malindi

 2,500 Acres-Malindi-500k per Acre

Price: KES 500k per Acre

For Sale : Plot In Kiserian

 15 Acres-Kiserian-Price 6.5 M Per Acre

Price: KES 6.5 Million /Acre

For Sale : Plot in Gigiri,Whispers

 0.45 acres -next to the former Iraq embassy- 52M

Price: KES 52 million

For Sale : Mombasa Road

 41 Acres-Mombasa Road-Asking Price 20 Million

Price: KES 20 Million

For Sale : Muthaiga North

 Three 0.5 Acres-Muthaiga North-Asking Price 42 M

Price: KES 42 Million

For Sale : Muthaiga North

 Three 0.5 Acres-Muthaiga North-Asking Price 42 M

Price: KES 42 Million

For Sale : Plot along UN Crescent road

 0.9 acres - Along UN Crescent road -US$1 Million

Price: USD 1 Million

For Sale : Rock City, Opposite Rock City

 3/4 Acres-Rock City-Opposite Rock City-130 Million

Price: KES 130 Million

For Sale : Plot along United Nations Avenue

 1.1 Acres -United Nations Avenue - US$6 Million

Price: USD 6 Million

For Sale : Thindigua , Kiambu Road

 3/4 Acres-Kiambu Road-Asking Price 40 & 50 Million

Price: KES 40 & 50 Million

For Sale : Giriri,2.5Acres touching Limuru road

 2.5 Acres -touching Limuru road - US$16Million

Price: USD 16Million

For Sale : Rock City, Touching Kiambu Road

 1 Acre-Touching Kiambu Road-Asking Price 200M

Price: KES 200Million

For Sale : Paradise lost, Kiambu Road

 20Acres-near Paradise lost-50 Million per Acre

Price: KES 50 Million/Acre

For Sale : Paradise lost, Kiambu Road

 40 Acres-Paradise lost, Kiambu Road-50 Million

Price: KES 50 Million

For Sale : Valley Arcade,1 acre Muthangari Road.

 1 acre- Muthangari Road -Asking price 300Million

Price: KES 300Million

For Sale : ole Nguruone Road

 1.25 Acres -ole Nguruone Road -Asking price 210M

Price: KES 210Million

For Sale : Plot in Kileleshwa

 0.5 Acres-Kileleshwa- Asking price 160Million

Price: KES 160Million

For Sale : Riverside Drive

 0.6 Acres-touching Tarmac road-Asking price 270M

Price: KES 270Million

For Sale : Riverside Drive

 1.2 Acres-touching tarmac-asking price 620 Million

Price: KES 620 Million

For Sale : Lower Kabete Road, before Farasi Lane

 4.5 Acres-Lower Kabete Road-1.2 Billion

Price: KES 1.2 Billion

For Sale : Lower Kabete Road, next to zen gardens

 A 3.5 Acres-commercial property-next to zen garden

Price: KES 1.2 Billion

For Sale : Plot on Waiyaki Way

 0.5 Acres-Waiyaki Way-250Million

Price: KES 250Million

For Sale : Westlands Road , Touching Tarmac

 0.38 Acres-Westlands Road-Touching Tarmac-160M

Price: KES 160Million

For Sale : Westlands, Peponi Gardens

 4.125 Acres-Westlands, Peponi Gardens

Price: KES 1.25 Billion


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