Toyota Vitz
2007-Toyota Vitz-1000cc-Automatic Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 570,000

Toyota Vitz
2006-Toyota Vitz-1000cc-Automatic Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 480,000

Honda Fit
2009-Honda Fit-1800cc-Automatic Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 680,000

Toyota Landcruiser
2010-Toyota Landcruiser-4160cc-Manual Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 1,250,000

Nissan X-Trail
2010-nissan X-Trail-1800cc-Automatic Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 700,000

Toyota Passo
2009-Toyota Passo-1000cc-Automatic Kenya Gulf Global Motors

Price: KES 580,000

Toyota Isis - 2008
2008 -2000cc - Automatic - Petrol OS INVESTMENT KENYA LIMITED

Price: KES 930,000

Subaru Legacy
2009 - 2500cc -Automatic -Petrol MotorHub

Price: KES 1,850,000

Land Rover Discovery 4
2009- 3000cc - Automatic - Diesel MotorHub

Price: KES 4,000,000

Toyota Crown
2009- 2500cc -Atomatic - Petrol MotorHub

Price: KES KSH 2,100,000

Mitsubishi Pajero
2009 - 3200cc- automatic- Petrol MotorHub

Price: KES 3,350,000

Toyota Sprinter
1993 - 1500cc - manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 350,000

Toyota Runx
2002 - 1500cc - Manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 580,000

Mercedes Benz E180
1996 - 1800cc - manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 500,000

2002 - 2500cc - manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 500,000

Toyota Lancer
1999 - 2500cc - manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 320,000

Toyota Corolla
1997 - 1500cc - manual - Petrol Bypass Autos Limited

Price: KES 400,000

Mercedes Benz C200
2009-1800cc -Automatic - Petrol MotorHub

Price: KES 2,250,000

VW Jetta TSI
2007 - 2000cc - Automatic - Petrol MotorHub

Price: KES 1,270,000

Toyota Regius - 2000 
2000 - 2700cc - Automatic - Petrol Surelynk Team

Price: KES 800,000

Selling Your Old Car?
Selling your used/ old second hand car in Kenya is fraught with anxiety and danger. Numerous Incidents of people being conned or carjacked in the process of selling their cars have been reported. Identifying a serious and trustworthy buyer is tricky. As soon as you advertise your personal car for sale either through print media or online platforms like OLX you may receive many calls from potential buyers with majority being conmen or criminals. Below are five tips on how to identify serious and trustworthy car buyers and what to do to avoid conmen and criminals and get good values for your used / second hand car. Screen Callers – Once you have listed your car either online or on other non-digital platforms you will be receive many calls from potential buyers. Screen the buyers carefully so that you only deal with the most serious buyers. Ask questions such as whether that have financing arranged, what prompts their needs a car. Beware of anyone who wants to buy your car outright without being seen. It is best to sell to those you can meet. Make sure your insurance cover extends to other drivers and insist on seeing the buyer’s driver’s license before handing over your keys.

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