About Us

Surelynk is the premier online marketplace for goods, services and skills operated by JoyInc Solutions Limited. We are creating a smarter form of commerce that is enabled by people, supported by technology and open to everyone, creating opportunities for all.

Surelynk gives suppliers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. We showcase our member’s products, services and track record, connecting them with corporate and individual buyers. Surelynk provides members with an integrated marketing solution to build corporate image, generate sales leads and win orders from buyers and tenderers.

Whether buying new or old, renting or booking, Surelynk helps you discover great value and amazing deals fast and securely. Buyers tap to our extensive pool of verified suppliers with proven track record. Buyers therefore, source products, services and company information more profitably and securely. Through the supplier referencing mechanism buyers confirm/reference the supplier’s track record. This provides higher levels of assurance in dealing with Surelynk Gold suppliers.

Through the Surelynk portal Jobseekers find their dream jobs, build their careers and live their dreams. Jobseekers showcase their career profiles, receive job alerts and find learning opportunities for career development. Our members are ready source of employment for Surelynk Jobseekers. Access to the Surelynk Jobs database provides a rich pool of quality, skilled manpower for members.

All our members’ accounts are verified by Surelynk team to confirm identity and non-infringement of copyright and proprietary rights of others. A mechanism to report any abuse or misuse of Surelynk system by members is available to users.

We empower people and create opportunity through Smarter Commerce for Connected Communities. Our passion is to provide best in-class service delivery. We measure our success by our customer’s success. Our aim is to transform lives and change communities.

Thank You for Choosing Surelynk, the Home of Opportunities.

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