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Pacific Realty Investment

is a limited company registered under the Kenyan laws. We have been in the Real estate industry since 2008. Our Core business is to provide cheap but quality building solutions, we also deal with selling of land and property on behalf of clients.

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2 Bedroom House

Price: KES 2,100,000
Availablility: In Stock
Collection Location: Not Available
Product Description:  

We construct 2 Bedroomed houses at a cost of as low as 2.1M. Our speciality is Project construction management where we offer cost saving construction solutions to our clients. We ensure that the houses we build are budget homes built at the highest of standard at a fraction of the cost and in a shorter time. How? Better management of the various construction processes. We can build you a home at upto 40% less the amount of your initial budget. We are passionate about turning rent payers into home owners at fraction of the price.


Product: 2 Bedroom House

KES:  2,100,000

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Pacific Realty Investment

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