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Open Sourcing Y Y Y Y Y
Priority Ranking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Product & Service Posting 100+ 100 40 15 -
Featured Products & Services 10 5 - - -
Quote for Buying Requests Y Y Y Y --
Customized Mini Website Y Y Y Y --
Jobseeker Database Access Y Y Fee Fee Fee
Biz Trends - Visitor DataYY----
Verified Icon & Alerts Y Y Y Y --
Personalized Customer Service Y - - - -
Audited Suppliers Optional and only for Gold suppliers, key for exporters
Photo Bank Size5GB3GB1GB10 MB
Biz Trends - My PerformanceYYY--
Biz Trends - Industry AnalysisYYY--
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Priority Search Ranking

Products from Gold Suppliers will have a better chance of appearing at the top of a buyer's search results. 90% of buyers will view the first 3 search results pages only

Product or Service Postings

Gold Suppliers can post online products, services and auction items. Note “Both the quality and quantity of your product postings strongly influence a buyer's intent to purchase. Invest in good quality photos for your website

Quote for Sourcing Requests

Gold Suppliers can quote for buying requests immediately when a new Buying Request is posted, this is exclusive to Gold suppliers

Customized Mini Website

Gold Suppliers get a customized mini website within surelynk.com. The mini website showcases the following supplier information:

Products and services and events

Verified track record

Certifications and awards

Personalized Customer Service

Get one on one assistance and priority access to any promotions

Audited Supplier

Is optional for Gold Supplier Members to complete an audit process conducted by a third-party provider. This helps you gain immediate trust and recognition as a legitimate and serious trading partner. It is the highest level of assurance to potential buyers

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